Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mormon disrespect of other religions

Fed up. This is the Mormon practice of posthumous baptisms. We are told here:
For those unaware, the Church of Latter Day Saints believes that one can be posthumously saved from eternal damnation; all they need is for a living Mormon to conduct a proxy baptism of the dead, whose soul will then be given the opportunity of remaining in hell or entering the Kingdom of Heaven (we presume most choose the latter). They’ve been doing this for years, but got into a bit of trouble years back when it turned out that they were baptizing Jews who’d died in the Holocaust. The Church had promised to stop baptizing deceased Jews, but a furor arose last week when it turned out that some Mormons, on their own initiative, had baptized Simon Wiesenthal.

Now the commentator quoted above thinks its a good deal, and how does it matter to the dead person?

But my concern is with the living. The only reason one can live in peace with a sect that thinks everyone but them is going to hell is because there are significant barriers to them imposing their will on us. But it shows the most profound of disrespect and intolerance of our traditions, faith, religion, beliefs, that they think they need to save us.