Thursday, April 15, 2010

QOTD - from the land of A.Q. Khan

Terrorists do not need nuclear weapons, especially since their aim is not to conquer territory but to win over people - which they cannot do if they have killed or radiated them.

That was Shireen M Mazari in The Nation, Pakistan.

Who is Shireen Mazari? Wiki to the rescue. Also known as Madame Jalebi, but only on the Bharat Rakshak Forum. (Aside: with the stellar display of American morons such as John Yoo and Douglas Feith over the last decade, and then with Mazari and her ilk, it is getting to be where one would not want to admit to having a degree from an American university — especially the Ivy League; looks like they let just about anyone graduate! )

Please all, do remember, the 9/11 hijackers were here to win over the American people; and the 26/11 attackers of Mumbai, well, they were indulging in a unique form of public relations.

And America keeps feeding Mazari's nation with money and arms!?! There is not a peep about this from the Tea Partying anti-tax anti-deficit libertarian morons - just when they could actually do something useful and try to stop this nonsense.