Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahmedinejad and the gathering clouds of war

Retd. Col W. Patrick Lang
Ahmadinajad's win is bad news unless you are looking forward to the day when the US goes to war with Iran. Israeli propaganda will continue to program the American public in preparation for that day. They have been doing very well in this effort so far. The media outlets and media friends are busy every day inculcating the idea that Iran is a deadly threat and must be "stopped." The effort to discredit US intelligence is also progressing nicely. The goal there is to gain general acceptance in the US of the notion that Israeli intelligence is better, smarter, more effective than US intelligence and therefore the Israeli estimate of the Iranian "menace" should govern decisions.

If nothing interrupts the progress of this "informational" campaign the US will attack Iran at some not too far distant time, not tomorrow, not next week, maybe not net month, but, soon. The "end of the year" now takes on greater meaning.

Just a few days ago, Col. Lang had written:
The basic story here is simple. Israeli intelligence are doing their best to fake the evidence of rapid Iranian advances towards weaponization of nuclear weapons. In their usual short sighted way, they care not that they are systematically undermining the credibility of the US intelligence community. The US IC has been the source of 90% of all valid raw intelligence information that Israeli intelligence has ever had. Israeli collection operations are really rather primitive and the farther the target from their borders the poorer they are. What the Mossad is good at is covert action and black propaganda, not information work. It is sad to see an era of cooperation ending in such a way.