Saturday, February 07, 2009

McCain: "an appalling fraud"

Andrew Sullivan points out:
McCain campaigned on rural broadband as a way to stimulate the entire American economy. In fact it was a centerpiece of one of his economic plans: "Broadband access needs to be a top priority." But now that he's senator, he's against it. In fact, he brought it up on FOX news last week as being the epitome of wasteful and unnecessary spending, but I've been to a campaign rally where he campaigned for it.
And he once introduced legislation supporting it.

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Tinkerer said...

When McCain won the Republican primary, being an independent, I was in two minds about whom to support. But McCain morphed in to someone completely phony and susceptible to histrionics under the pressure of the campaign. I couldn't believe that he buckled so easily and destroyed his image as a principled maverick so easily.
He can blame himself when he becomes a footnote in history.