Monday, July 02, 2007

I is for Impeach

It is time to impeach the President, the Vice-President and the Attorney General for the wholesale destruction of the Constitution.

"It's time to break out the damn powder already. I don't give a damn what Speaker Pelosi says; with all due respect it's always worth it to defend the Constitution, whether or not you can succeed. And if our reps won't defend the Constitution, we're going to replace them with reps who will." here.

and here

"I don't intend to vote for any Congressman who fails to support impeachment by word and deed. It might be third party time."

and the case for impeachment:

"By disobeying Congressional subpoenas, by retaining a perjuring Attorney General, and now by commuting the sentence of convicted perjurer and justice obstructor Lewis Libby, President Bush has clearly announced his intention to issue a get out of jail free pass to anyone convicted of covering up his administration's crimes. These actions strike at the core of the concept of the rule of law, and demonstrate that no other remedy to protect the Constitution still exists save impeachment."