Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Two Nation Theory

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Caption: QUETTA, PAKISTAN - AUGUST 29: Anti-Pakistan Rioters step on a portrait of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the father of Pakistan during a violent demonstration August 29, 2006 in Quetta, Pakistan. More than a thousand angry Baloch took to the streets following a prayer service for slain tribal leader Nawab Bugti, who died in a clash with Pakistani army troops over the weekend. The mob torched buildings and cars and looted stores before police scattered them with tear gas and warning shots. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

There is not much to editorialize here. Jinnah's creation supposedly was to provide safeguards to Muslims, which however, Pakistan itself (even in Jinnah's lifetime) did not extend to its own people (e.g., the West wing to the East wing which is now Bangladesh) and its own minorities.

Added later:
I think this picture from the Dawn archives along with the picture above speak quite eloquently of the tragedy (The young Akbar Bugti shaking hands with Jinnah.)