Saturday, June 17, 2006

Take the Preznit to the movies

Ariana Huffington notes that after watching a documentary on the oceans, Bush was inspired to create the world's largest protected marine area, something which is against his political philosophy and his normal repertoire of actions. She then asks what other films we might show Bush.

That's easy. We show him Fahrenheit 9/11 and he is inspired to resign.


Perpetual Outsider said...

Haha. Wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

So why do you dislike Bush so much?

Arun said...

Where to begin?

Foremost,he is undermining the Constitution, with his power-grab for the executive, his signing statements on Congressional bills, his survelliance-without-FISA-warrants, and so on. He is bent on ending the separation of church and state.

He has bungled the fight against terrorism, and has lied the country into a useless, expensive and disastrous war in Iraq.

His cronies bungled the management of the emergency arising from Hurricane Katrina. The US Armed Forces have come into disrepute. The Federal bureaucracy has been turned into an arm of the Republican Party.

His fiscal policies are bringing the country to ruin. He is leading the Republican war against the middle class.

He is destroying the scientific and technical leadership of the US - partly by his fiscal policies, which means science funding must shrink as the US goes deeper into debt, and partly by eviscerating the impartiality of scientific bodies by coercing them into redacting their findings to suit his ideology. He does not frown on creationism, opposes stem cell research.

He is destroying the basis of international stability by his unilateralism and disregard for the opinions of mankind, which the Declaration of Independence nicely acknowledges.

In short, he is the King George from whom we must declare our secession and consign him to perdition.