Tuesday, March 21, 2006


As I mentioned previously the colored powders have uses other than decorating each other, as on Holi. This kind of temporary painting on the floor is also great fun (I now know thanks to my niece). This one was done sort of unplanned, freehand; it just grew from the center, till everyone agreed that it was done.


(Scale - the floor tiles are a square foot each).

The picture does not do justice to the candles, but the camera can capture either the candlelight or the colors. Some Photoshop mangling of another picture gives this:


Further links on rangoli, here.


Rajan P. Parrikar said...

Beautiful. I wanted to post a clip of Kishore Kumar's "rangoli saja'o re" from the movie RANGOLI but cannot locate it on my shelf now.

Arun said...

Thank you! A KK song would be great :)

Rae Ann said...

That is gorgeous! It reminds me of the temporary sand mandalas that Buddist monks do. Very cool!!